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The Truth About Root Canal Therapy in Upper East Side, NY

May 29, 2017

There are many misconceptions about root canal therapy and whether patients experience pain from this procedure. New York Family Dental Arts wants you to have the correct information when considering root canal therapy in Upper East Side, NY. We’re here to “myth-bust” three rumors for you, the first being that root canal therapy is painful—false. Root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. Root canals are also rumored to cause illnesses—false. This myth is based on long-debunked and poorly designed research performed nearly a century ago! Finally, it is also a common rumor that a better alternative to root canal therapy is tooth extraction—definitely false! Dr. Vaiman and Dr. Kessler believe saving your natural teeth before removing them. In fact, that is usually the very last resort.


If you do not keep good oral hygiene, or if your tooth has suffered a trauma leaving the inside of it exposed, you have left your smile vulnerable to infection. For instance, imagine you had recently taken a blow to the jaw and cracked a tooth, but never called your dentist for emergency dental or restorative services. The food you’ve been eating, plaque, and other dangerous debris could be building up inside your tooth. There are telltale signs of tooth infections, and unfortunately, most of these are pretty painful. You will be able to feel or see symptoms like these if you have an infected tooth:

  • Abscess—Essentially a hole in the jaw bone that shows up as a dark spot during dental x-rays because the bone does not grow in that area. Healthy jaw bones won’t grow in an area contaminated with infection.
  • Fistula (bump) on gums—Typically a white, yellow, or red pimple-looking bump that appears on your gum line. You can tell that this comes from infection because your body is trying to rid the infection by venting it out with bodily fluids such as blood or puss.
  • Positional pain—Tooth pain that occurs when you lie down or suddenly stand up. This can be a sign of an abscess or dead tooth.
  • Referred pain—Pain that not only occurs in your tooth but another part of your body. Additional pain can occur in your jaw, ear, neck, or surrounding teeth.
  • Spontaneous pain—Tooth pain that occurs from a stimulus, like a hot or cold drink. Sometimes this can also be caused by extremely sweet foods or drinks as well.


If your dentist recommends that you have root canal therapy performed on a tooth, you might be concerned about the procedure and what to expect after it. Many people report that the procedure is no more painful than having a filling placed. Usually, the procedure is completed in one or two appointments, depending on the condition of your tooth and your personal circumstances. You can expect a comfortable experience during and after your appointment.

During your procedure, either dentist from our family practice will remove the inflamed root of your tooth. This is done by accessing the inside of the tooth with tiny files that can gently reach the intricate crevices of the inside of your tooth. All signs of infection will be cleaned out. Your dentist will fill the inside of your tooth with a rubber-like dental material to avoid future infections from taking place. Your dentist will then seal your tooth and cap it with a dental crown to protect and re-stabilize it, gaining your natural tooth’s functionality and strength once again.

The procedure is virtually painless before and after. Naturally, the tooth may feel slightly sensitive, but this can be treated with over the counter pain medications. There is no lengthy recovery process and most patients return to their daily routines the very following day. New York Family Dental Arts is here comfortably save your tooth and improve your smile’s functionality. Still have lingering questions? Click here to ask the doctors for more information!

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