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Still Have Metal Fillings? Contact Your 10021 Dentist for Removal

May 29, 2017

Metal fillings have held a common place in restorative dentistry for years because they are affordable and effective. However, traditional amalgam fillings are an eyesore that impacts your beautiful smile. No matter how effective the fillings are, the dark appearance of the fillings is extremely noticeable, causing people to focus on your filling instead of your smile. Now, you don’t have to let your filling be the center of attention. Your cosmetic dentist in the Upper East Side can remove the filling and replace it with a tooth-colored filling for a natural-looking, beautiful smile.


Metal fillings have always been widely used to treat cavities, especially among children. However, when you’re a professional adult living with the unsightly appearance of metal fillings, it’s time for a change. Metal filling are dark, making them extremely noticeable no matter where they have been placed in the mouth. Overtime, the appearance of the metal fillings will become worse because the tooth with the filling will actually begin to darken.

You do have an alternative to metal fillings with composite resin fillings. Your cosmetic dentist in the Upper East Side can quickly and easily remove the metal fillings and replace them with a natural-looking filling for a flawless smile.

Composite resin fillings are durable and resistant to fractures when used in small to medium-sized fillings—no matter where they are used in the mouth. The composite resin material can be customized to match the enamel color of your teeth so no one will ever see the filling.

To benefit from the composite fillings, you’ll need to have your metal filling removed, which can be done using a noninvasive procedure. Then, the dentist will clean the tooth and apply the resin material. Using a special light, the resin will be quickly hardened, at which point the final adjustments will be made to ensure the highest level of function and appearance.

Composite fillings are the perfect alternative for those who are self-conscious about metal fillings or want a more professional smile. While composite fillings are durable and effective. They do need to be replaced more often than traditional metal fillings, so you’ll have to have the filling checked at each routine dental appointment. The resin material can also stain, just as your enamel can stain, so you’ll need to avoid stain-causing foods. However, with the right oral care and regular visits to your dentist, your new tooth-colored filling will continue to protect your tooth and improve your smile for many years to come.


New York Family Dental Arts is a professional dentist serving the 10021 area. We cater to busy professionals like yourself, which is why we offer the highest standard of care to enhance the health and appearance of your smile.

If you have a dark metal filling hurting the appearance of your smile, call (347) 704-7259 to have your metal filling replaced with a tooth-colored filling with your cosmetic dentist in the Upper East Side. We’ll treat you with integrity as we transform your smile.

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