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Enjoy White, Brighter Teeth with Teeth Whitening in Upper East Side

Attaining your perfect smile is important to us in Upper East Side, so we offer both in-office and at-home whitening options! Get rid of stains on your own time, wherever it is most convenient for you.


In-Office Teeth Whitening Process in Upper East Side

The process of in-office teeth whitening is simple. First, one of our NYC dentists will photograph your teeth in order to help monitor the progress of the whitening. Next, your teeth will be cleaned to remove any existing stains and bacteria and provide a clean base. After this, the actual whitening process begins; one of our dentists will first apply a protective substance to the gums, followed by the whitening agent, activated by laser light. The entire process typically takes between 30 and 90 minutes, and may require up to three appointments depending on your desired level of whiteness. The overall result is a brighter, whiter smile!

At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

In addition to our in-office treatments in Upper East Side, New York dental practice also offers at-home teeth whitening treatments. Our dentists can take custom impressions of your teeth in order to create a mouthpiece that you can fill with whitening gel right at home!

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