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One-Visit Dentistry for Residents in Upper East Side

Traditional dental restorations like crowns and bridges could take two or more visits to place, but as dental techniques, technologies, and materials advance, we are able to offer more and more procedures in just one visit using state-of-the-art computer-assisted design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology. At New York Family Dental Arts in Upper East Side, we use the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system to design, mill and place a number of smile restoration in a single visit. The benefits of single visit crowns include:

  • Patients save time and travel by completing treatment in one day.
  • Reduced risk for damaging teeth because there is no need to place and remove a temporary restoration.
  • Easy to adjust and shape right in the office immediately if the crown does not fit comfortably.
  • Digital impressions are quick, easy, and comfortable, especially when compared with traditional impressions.

CEREC Technology

CAD/CAM technologies are used in a number of fields, including medicine, engineering, and even fashion design. The CEREC CAD/CAM system allows our team to expertly and precisely design and mill high quality dental restorations using a solid block of dental ceramic in as little as half an hour. We then place and seal the restoration for the same beautiful results possible with traditional restoration in a single appointment.

One-Visit Dental Crowns

Our CEREC dental crowns are as high quality as the traditional alternatives, and they offer custom, cosmetically flawless smile restoration quickly and easily.

One-Visit Dental Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are precise restoration procedures that allow our team to preserve more natural dental structure than is possible with full crown placement. For patients who have decay or damage that’s too severe for a filling, a dental crown is not always the most conservative next step. Inlays and onlays offer a viable option between these two restorations. An inlay is used to restore teeth that have damage or decay between the cusps (raised portions of the biting surfaces of teeth), and an onlay is used to restore a tooth by covering one or more cusp. Using the CEREC system, our team is able to provide precise inlay and onlay restorations in just one visit.

One-Visit Root Canals & Crowns

Perhaps the most dreaded dental treatment, root canal therapy is actually relatively painless. However, patients typically need to have a dental crown placed to protect the treated tooth and restore full form and function. That used to mean patients needed to return to our office several weeks after their root canal treatment to exchange a temporary for a permanent crown. With CEREC crowns, patients can complete the full root canal and crown placement in a single visit.

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