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Missing A Tooth & Need A Dentist In 10021? We Can Help!

May 30, 2017

Lenox Hill and the Upper East Side are filled with some of the best restaurants and shopping in Manhattan – and, being so close to Park Avenue, some of the most fashionable people  in the world call this area home. You enjoy the life this neighborhood has to offer, but feel self-conscious about what befell you at a recent trip to a French restaurant on East 76th Street. Being adventurous, you decided to finally see what escargot is all about. You took a bite and your teeth landed on a small piece of shell that one of the chefs missed. You lost a tooth – not what you were expecting for a night on the town at a fancy restaurant. Who should you see to fill in the gap and restore your smile to its former glory? Your choice for a skilled and talented dentist in 10021 is New York Family Dental Arts.

What Options Do I Have To Replace My Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth are not just about looks – your oral health and entire body can feel the ramifications of a smile with gaps in it. From jawbone recession caused by a tooth’s absence, to compromised nutrition from not being able to chew correctly, it’s important to rectify the dental issue of missing teeth. As your cosmetic dentist in 10021, Dr. Vaiman and Dr. Kessler offer several treatment plans to correct this common problem.

  • Crown – If you haven’t completely lost your tooth, but it’s broken or compromised and past the point of a filling, a dental crown may be the right solution. The part that remains will be prepared and will then have the crown (a tooth-shaped “cap”) affixed on top of it. Crowns are a great way to save as much of your existing teeth as possible while restoring full functionality to your smile.
  • Bridges – A fixed dental bridge is made of one to three consecutive replacement prosthetics, and requires the teeth that surround the bridge to be strong enough to have it bonded to them. Bridges are long-lasting and look natural, and are not removable once in place. They’re an excellent solution for someone who wants to avoid taking dentures in and out.
  • Dental Implants – For missing teeth, implants are the gold standard of patient care. They are not only beautiful, but have several advantages over traditional tooth replacement techniques. Improved speech, effortless chewing, better overall oral health, and superior comfort are all qualities that our dental implants provide. And, since they help maintain jawbone and are durable, it’s easy to see why patients ask for these. We can place implants for one, two, or ten teeth – and, we even offer implant dentures for people who need a partial or full set or replacements.

If you’re without a tooth, there’s no reason to let your self-confidence and oral health suffer – schedule your appointment today with the experts at New York Family Dental Arts.

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