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Learn About Dental Insurance with New York Family Dental Arts

May 29, 2017

At New York Family Dental Arts, we will be happy to work with your dental insurance to maximize the benefits you receive when you need dental services to maintain your oral health. Of course, if you have any questions about insurance policies and how your insurance plan works in our office, feel free to give us a call.

To cover the cost of your co-pay, we take check, cash or credit card, and all major credit cards are accepted.

New York Family Dental Arts is an in-network provider of dental care with Aetna PPO, CIGNA PPO and the Weill-Cornell Medical Center dental plan through Cigna.


Aetna PPO

With Aetna PPO, preventive care such as dental checkups, teeth cleanings and x-rays, are almost always 100 percent covered. Coverage for basic care like tooth-colored fillings and major care like root canals and crowns is also partially covered—the extent of coverage depends on your plan. We can help you make this determination.



New York Family Dental is a Preferred Provider with CIGNA. Some of the benefits that may be covered by your CIGNA dental coverage include preventive dental cleanings and oral exams, as well as diagnostic care such as x-rays. Also included in your dental insurance plan may be basic restorative care such as dental fillings and local anesthetics necessary for treatment. If major restorative care is covered by your plan, then this would likely include dental crowns, partial or full dentures and dental bridges. The CIGNA PPO plan does require you to fulfill an annual deductible, and a calendar year maximum benefit is applicable to all participants.


Weill-Cornell Medical Center

The Dental Assistance Plan from CIGNA covers a variety of dental procedures, including preventive dentistry and major treatments. The following is an overview of benefits, but please check with us, your employer or CIGNA for specific information:

  • – Annual deductible is usually $100 per person
  • – Annual benefit maximum per person is $2,000
  • – Preventive dentistry care and diagnostics-100 percent coverage and no deductible
  • – Minor care such as dental fillings-80 percent coverage after meeting the annual deductible
  • – Major care such as dental crowns-50 percent coverage after meeting the annual deductible


Call Our Office Today

If you have questions about your dental insurance plan, or if you would like to know about other financial options we offer through Springstone or CareCredit®, please call New York Dental Arts today.

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