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Invisalign in 10021 – The Clear Choice for Healthy Teeth

May 30, 2017

Your little girl is growing up fast – she’s a star soccer player the Manhattan High School for Girls and was just accepted to Carnegie Mellon to study engineering after she graduates next Spring. Although she’s got a great group of friends right now, she’s worried about leaving everyone to go off to school. She knows her crooked teeth don’t represent the confident girl she is on the inside, and that making friends in college may be a challenge because her smile isn’t where she wants it to be. You’re also worried that she’ll skimp on flossing without Mom and Dad to remind her. What can you do to give your little girl the beautiful smile she deserves, make sure her dental health is up to par, and not make her problem more obvious with metal braces? You can work with the skilled and talented dentists at New York Family Dental Arts, the premier choice for Invisalign in 10021.

Drs. Vaiman and Kessler sum up why straight teeth are more than just about good looks, and how your family’s dental health will benefit from having properly aligned teeth with Invisalign.

Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

For a long time, people have been under the misconception that orthodontic treatments and straight teeth are just about aesthetics and looking good. New York Family Dental Arts know straight teeth are more than just about looks. While it’s great to have a perfect smile from a beauty perspective, straight teeth are actually healthier than crooked teeth, and here’s why:

  • Healthier Gums with Straight Teeth – Teeth that are spaced too widely or crowded cause gums to become red and inflamed. Straightening teeth with Invisalign makes the gums fit better around them.
  • Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean – Since crowded or rotated teeth are hard to clean, it’s easy to develop tooth decay and gum issues like gingivitis. By correcting tooth position, Invisalign makes it easier to clean teeth properly.
  • Straight Teeth Have Proper Bite – Bite issues (underbite, overbite, etc.), along with crooked teeth, cause teeth to wear out incorrectly from making the wrong contact with partnering teeth. Crowded teeth can also easily be chipped or lost completely if an injury occurs.
  • Subpar Smile and Self-Confidence – Sometimes, we can forget the impact that a subpar smile can have on mental health and our self-concept. By straightening teeth with Invisalign, we can increase self-confidence and make sure braces aren’t noticeable along the way.

Straight Teeth With Invisalign For Upper East Side NY

With over 40 years of experience in dentistry, Drs. Vaiman and Kessler use their expert knowledge to offer premier teeth straightening techniques. With Invisalign from the New York Family Dental Arts team, you’ll receive custom, clear aligners that are placed over the teeth and gradually correct them. New aligners will replace the previous ones every two weeks, and average treatment time is 8-18 months (sometimes even shorter!).

Schedule your appointment today with our team to talk about Invisalign and get a smile that’s not only perfectly straight, but is incredibly healthy, too.

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