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Invisalign for Upper East Side NYC Professionals

May 29, 2017

People are very visual creatures, and this is why you take extra time with your appearance in the morning. Your work presentation is solid, but you know people will judge you long before you start sharing your ideas. This is why you try to win them as soon as you walk in the door. The last piece of the puzzle is your teeth, which need to be straightened. You can’t get in front of a group of professionals with a mouthful of braces and expect them you to look at you as an equal. This is where Invisalign for Upper East Side NYC can help.


We’re all familiar with traditional metal braces. As effective as they are, it’s usually the first thing you notice about a person when they start talking, which can be awkward later when you’re trying to remember their name. Invisalign is able to provide all the teeth straightening effects of braces without obvious brackets and wires. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligner trays to gradually straighten your teeth. The trays simply slip over your teeth, almost like a second skin. They are designed to be worn in a specific series so they can conform to your teeth as they move. Treatment can take anywhere from 8-18 months depending on your particular case. Each tray will be custom designed to fit you so treatment will take the least amount of time possible.


Invisalign is ideal for the young working professional in NYC. The trays themselves are completely clear, which makes them nearly invisible when worn. This way you can talk and hold meetings and people will only be focusing the sound of your voice, not with what is going on with your mouth. They are also removable, which means they can be set aside for business lunches, allowing you to eat the foods you normally would. This also enables you to clean your teeth better than if you had braces. Plus it saves you from frequent dentist visits. You only need to go into the office every 4-6 weeks so Dr. Vaiman or Dr. Kessler can monitor your progress. This is orthodontic treatment that fits seamlessly into your life.


A quick consultation with us should determine if Invisalign is the right path for straightening your teeth. If it is, we offer easy to afford payment plans that work with any budget. You can maintain your professional image and straighten your teeth at the same time. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, give us a call today.

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