Do you see children?

Yes! As our practice name suggests, we love seeing you and all your loved ones, including the youngest members of the family. We have an excellent pediatric dentist on-staff, and our whole team is familiar with caring for little smiles that need an extra special touch. With the help of our pediatric services, we’ll make sure to give your son or daughter a comfortable, fun experience that leaves them happier than ever to show off their growing teeth.

I need a new crown/bridge/inlay/onlay fast. Can you help?

Of course. At Pelham Family Dental Arts, we’re happy to offer the latest in advanced technology and techniques to our patients, and CEREC is a big part of that. Instead of having to wait the typical two-three appointments to receive your new restoration the traditional way, CEREC completes this process in one, convenient appointment while creating the same, high-quality results you know and love.

What are my options if I’m missing teeth?

Our team offers dental implant placement and restoration as the frontrunner for quality tooth replacement; dental bridges are available as well from our practice. There’s no one solution that’s right for every single patient. During a consultation at our Pelham, NY office, our doctors can help you determine what works best for your schedule, your budget, and your personal preferences.

Can I straighten my teeth without metal braces?

Yes. Instead of the traditional, unsightly wires and brackets, Invisalign treatment can create beautiful improvements for your smile with clear, removable aligners that have a very subtle appearance when worn. In just 8-18 months, you could be enjoying the look of your dreams.

Can you improve the way my smile looks?

Definitely! You take pride in your appearance, and our Westchester practice is happy to provide cosmetic treatment options that seamlessly correct dental flaws and allow patients to maintain their self-confidence. Available options include teeth whitening for correcting stained/discolored enamel and porcelain veneers for smile transformations. Services like all-ceramic E-Max crowns and tooth-colored fillings are available as well, providing both restorative and aesthetic benefits.