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Celebrity Smiles: Under the Microscope

May 29, 2017

Celebrities are constantly under media scrutiny. They are constantly being judged, and therefore always feel pressured to look their best. It is no wonder that so many celebrities have turned to extensive diet regimes, workout routines, and even surgery. However – celebrities aren’t only receiving plastic surgery, such as liposuctions and nose jobs. More and more celebrities are turning to cosmetic surgery, as well, to attain that movie-star smile we all desire.

One cosmetic and reconstructive dentist who has had celebrity clients, Dr. Sherri Worth, commented, “With celebrities, the importance of their smile can be even larger than [for] the rest of us because they are constantly being scrutinized and also have their smiles flashed on gigantic screens around the world.” Clearly, they want to make sure their smile looks its best. Dr. Worth went on to say, “I’ve worked with and helped to improve smiles of baseball legend Mark McGwire, American Idol star Ace Young, who is now on Broadway, and, most recently, Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick.” These are just a few celebrities who have received cosmetic dental procedures. The list goes on and on.

In fact, celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Cheryl Llyod, and Hilary Duff have all undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cheryl Cole used to have very crooked teeth with incisors that were too sharp and pointed. Her teeth were straightened, her incisors were re-shaped, and she even received teeth whitening. Famous X-factor singer, Cher Llyod, also received cosmetic dentistry after gaining fame on the show. She not only whitened her teeth, she also fixed her gap. Additionally, singer Hilary Duff received a set of porcelain veneers to help her acquire that perfect smile.

These dentistry procedures and treatments don’t solely apply to celebrity women. Men such as Zac Efron and Tom Cruise have went through similar procedures. In fact, when Zac Efron first began his career, he had uneven, discolored teeth and a very noticeable gap. His teeth were straightened and whitened, his gap was fixed, and he is now one of Hollywood’s most famous heartthrobs. Another one of Hollywood’s most famous male actors, Tom Cruise, underwent teeth whitening and straightening. He went one step further, getting a full set of veneers. With his new movie-star smile, he truly was fit to be a movie star, as he was the leading man in various popular movies, such as “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” and “Top Gun.”

How are these dental procedures applicable to us? Do only celebrities need them? Clearly, celebrities reap the most benefits from these procedures, as their smiles are on plastered on magazine covers and television screens all across the world. However, ordinary people like us could definitely benefit from them as well. If whitening treatments and teeth straightening will improve our smiles and make us feel better about ourselves, then why not?

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