How A CEREC Dental Crown In The Upper East Side Saves Smiles

Your back right molar has given you trouble your entire life – you’ve had filling after filling placed, but the tooth just seems weaker than the rest. You’d like to find a permanent solution to address the compromised dentition once and for all, but having it removed doesn’t make a lot of sense. What can you do? You can see the team at New York Family Dental Arts to learn more about your options. In this post, they explain what a dental crown in the Upper East Side can do for you, and how CEREC speeds up the process.

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Missing A Tooth & Need A Dentist In 10021? We Can Help!

Lenox Hill and the Upper East Side are filled with some of the best restaurants and shopping in Manhattan – and, being so close to Park Avenue, some of the most fashionable people  in the world call this area home. You enjoy the life this neighborhood has to offer, but feel self-conscious about what befell you at a recent trip to a French restaurant on East 76th Street. Being adventurous, you decided to finally see what escargot is all about. You took a bite and your teeth landed on a small piece of shell that one of the chefs missed. You lost a tooth – not what you were expecting for a night on the town at a fancy restaurant. Who should you see to fill in the gap and restore your smile to its former glory? Your choice for a skilled and talented dentist in 10021 is New York Family Dental Arts.

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3 Worthy Investments Offered by Your Upper East Side Dentist

Right now, we’re smack dab in the middle of tax season. Do you know what that means? Refunds! This tax season, you should consider making a real investment in your well-being—your smile. The excitement of getting some extra money back typically burns a hole in most people’s pockets, but the best option for patients, unfortunately, gets overlooked—investing in your oral health. Your Upper East Side dentist wants you to reconsider that shopping spree you were planning and contemplate these three dental services that are truly worth investing in: preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. Our Upper East Side offers all three alongside many more comprehensive treatments and procedures!

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Same-Day Crowns From Your Dentist in 10021

You pat yourself on the back for getting up early to get on the treadmill for twenty minutes. You remember to get online and schedule the bulky trash pickup, and you have your to-do list for the day completed and ready to execute. There’s only one problem: You can’t put off going to the dentist to get your broken tooth fixed any longer, but you envision it taking more time than your busy schedule will allow. Fortunately, your dentist in 10021 can remedy that for you with our one-visit dentistry. With CEREC — Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramics, we can do a dental crown or any number of cosmetic restorations in just one visit.

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Invisalign in 10021 – The Clear Choice for Healthy Teeth

Your little girl is growing up fast – she’s a star soccer player the Manhattan High School for Girls and was just accepted to Carnegie Mellon to study engineering after she graduates next Spring. Although she’s got a great group of friends right now, she’s worried about leaving everyone to go off to school. She knows her crooked teeth don’t represent the confident girl she is on the inside, and that making friends in college may be a challenge because her smile isn’t where she wants it to be. You’re also worried that she’ll skimp on flossing without Mom and Dad to remind her. What can you do to give your little girl the beautiful smile she deserves, make sure her dental health is up to par, and not make her problem more obvious with metal braces? You can work with the skilled and talented dentists at New York Family Dental Arts, the premier choice for Invisalign in 10021.

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