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Better Smiles with Upper East Side Teeth Whitening

May 29, 2017

While most people bemoan needing to pick up groceries, you always look forward to it. It gives you a chance to peruse the various types of coffee on display. Half of the appeal is when the familiar bouquet of smells reach your face. You have a list, and you can get to it later, but this is your time to enjoy while taking care of errand. As you’re picking up the bags and reading about the various brews, you catch your reflection in a display. You notice your teeth are definitely showing your love for coffee. Upper East Side teeth whitening now gives you a chance to bring your smile back to its original shine.


Our teeth can be very reflective of the kinds of things we enjoy. Factors such as coffee, wine, tobacco, or regular aging can stain our teeth over time. The residue left over by these substances bonds to the enamel on your teeth and cannot be taken off with simple brushing. A smile full of glistening white teeth is one of the strongest social signifiers in our society. People associate qualities such as friendliness, approachability, and health with white teeth. It’s one of the first things that helps you make that all important first impression. We have two ways of helping you whiten your teeth, both catering to your particular lifestyle: In-office whitening and At-home whitening.


Teeth whitening in our office is one of the most time efficient procedures we offer. After you come to see us, we will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and then apply a highly-concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to them. This gel is able to break down years of stains, but isn’t so abrasive that it will harm your teeth. We speed up this process by applying a specialized laser to the gel. The heat from the laser helps activate the power of the gel. Treatments usually take less than an hour and are completely painless. Depending on your goals for your teeth, you may need to come in for multiple treatments.


You can whiten your teeth on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. You will come into the office so we can take an impression of your teeth and make a custom mouthpiece. We will then provide the bleaching gel that will actually whiten your teeth. Once you are at home, you will put the gel in the mouthpiece and wear it for about 30 minutes a day for about two weeks. Afterwards, your smile will be completely renewed. Our in-home treatments are much stronger and last longer than typical store bought teeth-whitening treatments.


Both procedures can make your teeth 5 to 6 shades whiter, so it’s all a question of your schedule. If you think teeth whitening might be the right solution for you, please give us a call today so we can answer any of your questions. A quick consultation in the office is also an easy way to see if it is right for you. Keep enjoying your coffee and wine because we can bring back your smile whenever you want.

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