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5 Teeth Staining Foods to Avoid

May 29, 2017

Have you noticed your teeth aren’t as white as they once were? It’s normal for our teeth to become discolored as we age, but the foods we eat can accelerate the progression of discoloration. When you combine age and genetics with foods and lifestyle factors, your smile can begin to discolor at a rapid rate. To keep your teeth as white as possible, it’s important to limit contact with stain-causing foods. If you notice your smile has started to fade, we offer teeth whitening in the Upper East Side to brighten your smile.


As we age, small cracks develop in the enamel, which allows discoloration to seep in when exposed to certain foods. Not to mention, certain foods can soften and weaken the enamel, making them more susceptible to stains. To protect your pearly whites, you need to avoid the top stain-causing foods.

Beverages—There are a variety of beverages that can lead to tooth discoloration, such as coffee, tea, and sports drinks. Not to mention, drinks that are carbonated or contain high amounts of sugar will amplify the rate of discoloration. Wine and other beverages that have dark pigmentation will also cause the teeth to become discolored.

Berries—Dark pigmented berries are known to cause tooth discoloration, such as blueberries and blackberries. No matter if you’re eating them or drinking them in a fruit juice, they still have negative effects on your teeth’s enamel color.

Balsamic Vinegar—Balsamic vinegar is dark in color, which causes staining. Plus, the vinegar in the dressing also causes your teeth to discolor at a much faster rate. While eating the dressing with salad does help clean the teeth, if teeth are exposed to the dressing often, discoloration will occur.

Pasta Sauces—The dark, red appearance of pasta sauce makes it cause tooth discoloration. However, pasta sauce also contains acids which promote tooth coloration when combined with the dark color. Not only is pasta sauce known to stain, but tomatoes and other acidic foods as well.

Colored Foods—Any foods that are dark in pigmentation can cause tooth staining, including candy, popsicles, juice and condiments. The dark colors become embedded in the small cracks of the enamel, causing the teeth to stain.


As a cosmetic dentist in the Upper East Side, we are able to reverse the appearance of stains using professional whitening treatments. We offer an in-office whitening treatment that deeply penetrates enamel to lift dark stains. In 30 to 90 minutes, you’ll instantly see your smile transform as stains fade away. Our safe and effective whitening gel is combined with the activation of a special light to cause stains to just be a distant memory. You’ll be left with long-lasting results as your smile instantly becomes whiter.

If you’ve noticed that your smile is not as white as it once was, call our office at (347) 759-0344 to learn more about teeth whitening in the Upper East Side. We’ll give you a dazzling white smile in just one appointment.

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